A Message from the Beast

Going For It!

the beastA Message from the Beast

Oh look! I did it again. I took down another famous one. Regardless of power, wealth, success, or resources, I win. Nothing can stop me. I can get anyone. Even you. Even some of the people who mourned his death and cursed me for my existence went home after the funeral and gave themselves to me. They couldn’t help it. They used his death and their sadness as reasons to continue with me.

Some may think that his death will help fight me, but it won’t. Do you think I’ve weakened since Michael? Hah! I have people in the palm of my hands because they think they need my collaborators (alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, pills, etc.) to cope with life. They believe they need something more than what life offers. They feel they’re not good enough or life’s not good enough so they try to intensify…

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